Tired of fixing it at home?

We repair a wide variety of small engines.
Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, 4-wheelers… the list goes on!
Call us today to set up an appointment or even just to get some advice from one handyman to another.

Phone Us: (715) 364-2393


Hourly Shop Rate                              $65.00
Sharpen Blades (Off Mower)             $8.00
Sharpen Blades (On Mower)             $16.00
Sharpen Chain (Off Saw)                    $8.00
Sharpen Chain (On Saw)                   $12.00
Repair Recoil (Off Unit)                    $20.00
Diagnostic Charge (Under 8HP)        $35.00
Diagnostic Charge (Over 8HP)          $70.00
Battery Test                                         FREE


Lawn Mower Tune Up:                      $69.98
Rider/ Tractor Tune Up:                   $159.98
Hand Held Tune Up:                         $59.98
Snow Thrower Tune Up:                    $79.98
Generator Tune Up:                            $89.98
Commercial Walk Behind Tune       $129.98
Commercial Rider Tune                   $199.98
Commercial Tractor Tune                $249.98